Google Doodle 4 Google – "I love football"

Doodle for Google is a competition where we invite young people to design the Google logo in their very own style (this is called a doodle).

During the last few months we invited 4 to 17 year olds from around the world to exercise their creative imagination around the theme “I love football” and have fun redesigning the Google logo.

During the competition we received many adorable, creative and unique artistic pieces. We then had to choose the doodles that would serve as finalists in the competition. This task was one of the most challenging, exciting and enjoyable for us at Google over the last few months.

The public in 17 countries voted for their favorite local doodle which appeared on the Google homepage of that country for a day.

The 17 local winners were then put forward to a global vote, naming the single global winner of the entire contest.

Congratulations to the Global Winner, below. This doodle will appear on Googles international homepages world wide on July 11th.

The Global Winner will also receive a family trip to South Africa, offered by the South African Tourism Board.

Global Winner

Winning Doodle

Name: Barbara Szpirglas

Age: 14

Country: France

Local Winner for Kenya

Love Football winning Doodle

Name: Priyanka Shah

Age: 12

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